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Team Photos

At Natwick we cater to all your photography needs including team photos, group portraits, club photography, and class photos for schools. Everything from large groups to small groups and individuals.

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Heriot Rugby Team_Natwick Commercial Photography-1.jpg

We can provide a number of small benches for sitting and standing on, allowing up to 30people in your photo. Larger numbers will require additional seating on site or for us to get creative! 


With a drone in our arsenal, we often take group photos from the air because it enables us to see everyone's faces with large gathherings or to capture the setting of where your event is taking place with everyone in the foreground.


Option 1
Book and pay for our time and editing, receive print ready digital images. Commercial rates apply.

Option 2
Book and pay for the volume of finished products up front. 
8x12" laminated team photos with team, club and player names - $24
11x14" laminated team photos with team
, club and player names - $38each 
We take the photos, design and la
yout the team image with club logo, sponsors and player names, print, laminate and deliver them to you. We asked that you approve the proof before we go to print.

Option 3
Book without any payment, allow individuals to order and pay for their own 
via our online gallery and ordering platform using Stripe or Paypal. With this there are two options for delivery. If we apply a cutoff date for orders, we can have them shipped to the club or nominated address as one order which reduces shipping/handling costs. Or individuals can pay a shipping fee at time of placing their order (approximately $12.50each*) and they are posted directly to their home addresses. 

* Prices are subject to change without notice as they are set by third parties. Travel fees may apply depending on your location.


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