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Putting the design into web design.

I work with local New Zealand businesses (like you) to build fresh new websites that truly reflect their brand.


Already have a website?

If you have a mundane, boxy looking, old website full of clutter that you're struggling to drive, I can help there too - let's give it a makeover!



Natwick websites are:

  •  Created on a simple to use drag and drop platform

  • Easy to maintain & training is provided

  • Accessible via an app so you can monitor your website and blog on the go

  • Look good on desktops, mobiles and tablets

  • Link to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram

  • Optimised for search engines so customers can find you

  • Affordable with a one-off set up cost

  • Add-on commercial photography packs available

I come at web design from a different angle to most IT professionals because I'm from a journalism, marketing and photography background.


I offer web design, social media strategy, copy-writing and professional photography all in one place, so you only need to talk to one person.

When you engage me to build your website, I don't sit behind a desk and wait for you to provide everything. I visit you, learn about your business, then create a website with a greater sense of who you are and what you want to achieve.


Plus, I answer my phone at night and on weekends so I'm always there to help. Let's work together.


Here's what can you expect to pay?​​:

All websites require two things to exist: a domain name and website hosting. Both are recurring annual costs.

  • Domain name - the online address for your business, i.e. - approx. $20pa.

  • Website hosting - approx. $220pa.

  • A one-off web development/design fee. This will vary depending on the complexity of the website build, the volume of pages you need and the number of changes made during the design process.

  • Hourly rate for website design, computer assistance and website maintenance is $150, charged in 15min increments ($37.50).  I maintain a log sheet so you only pay for what you get. ​

  • Personalised email accounts are an optional extra, such as They vary from $55 for a single account up to $150 for ten accounts and are an annual cost. Example of accounts:,,, etc. 


No matter what industry you are in, your website will stand out online and be more engaging for your audience with strong, clean and sharp photos that showcase what you do, your products and your team. View my Commercial Portfolio