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73 Bushy Hill St, Tapanui 9522 

Otago, New Zealand

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Natwick's Studio Hire

Natwick Studio is a creative space available for hire in Tapanui, West Otago, to professional photographers and videographers.

The Space

The Studio consists of a four-car garage converted into a studio. It is 76sqm consisting of concrete floor, insulated corrugated iron walls with colourbond ceiling which has black builder’s paper visible and exposed timber framing. There is a double garage door at the front which can be opened for greater shooting distance or to bring in equipment.

There is a lockable equipment room where the lighting equipment is meticulously stored. This area can double as a change room so your models have private space to prepare themselves.

The waiting area is lit by natural light via glass sliding doors. It has a 3-seater lounge and two lounge chairs, a coffee table with ample magazines and books, all of photographic nature aimed to inspire, and a reading lamp.



There is off street parking for two cars.

The Equipment

  • 4 backdrops: 2 white paper rolls, a dark mushroom marble cloth and black cloth, are currently hanging from a ceiling mount with pulley system.

  • a backdrop stand with 3m cross bar if you wish to bring your own backdrop;

  • 4 x 600watt studio flash heads currently attached to a ceiling pantograph rail system, sync speed is 1/160s;

  • a boom (ideal for suspending a hair light out of shot);

  • 3 rectangular soft boxes;

  • 1 large octagon softbox;

  • 1 one beauty dish 55cm with honeycomb and softbox covers;

  • 4 light stands;

  • 2 reflectors;

  • 2 ladders;

  • 2 translucent umbrellas;

  • 2 two silver umbrellas;

  • 2 two small (on camera) temperature-controlled LED video lights (these can be mounted on a light stand or tripod but need to be close to the subject to be effective)   

  •  trigger with two receivers. Note lights without receivers and speedlights will fire by sensor;

  • Laptop with standard USB connection to camera for tethered shooting which is connected to a television which is mounted on the wall and can pivot to suit subject or photographer’s position;

  • Sound bar with Bluetooth capability;

  • Fog machine which takes standard fog fluid;

  • Coloured gels: 2 x blue, 2 x red, 2 x yellow, 2 x clear;

  • 2 x Barn doors

  • 2 x Studio Flashhead honeycombes


Studio Hire Rates

** Refundable Deposit/Insurance  - $250

The Studio has an insurance policy to cover all of the equipment for immediate replacement should anything go wrong. The excess for this policy is $250. A refundable deposit of $250 is required at time of booking to secure the date/time slot. This deposit will be returned to you within 24hrs after your session has finished. Before vacating the premises, the Studio Manager will do a quick equipment check to make sure all equipment is accounted for.

If equipment is damaged during your shoot, you will have the option of paying for it directly if the damage caused is estimated to be less than the insurance excess of $250. If the damage is deemed $250 or greater, your deposit will not be refunded as it will be used to meet the insurance excess for the item to be repaired or replaced.   

Half Day Morning (8am to 12pm) @ $200

Half Day Afternoon (1pm to 4pm) @ $200

Whole Day (8am to 4pm) @ $330

Backdrop & Lighting Effects Available

The Outside Space

The grounds at Natwick Studios provide more backdrops including weatherboard walls, gardens, and deck area.

Our Location

Located at 73 Bushyhill Street, Tapanui, The Studio, is walking distance to the Tapanui township (approx. 7mins).

Booking The Studio

To book Natwick Studio, please contact Natasha Chadwick directly by completing the contact form below. Be sure to include the time slot and date that you are interested in as well as your contact information so that we can get back to you.