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Prints & Wall Art

Invest in the best!

It has taken me two years of trialing and testing photo printers and picture framers to arrive where I have today, with a quality and workmanship deserving of my work.  


If you are going to engage a professional photographer to take your photograph, it makes sense that you would invest in printing that guarantees you an image exactly as it was created to look by the photographer that you commissioned. 

Photo Viewing Session

When you come in for your photo viewing session after your photo shoot, you will be able to see samples of all of the products that I offer on display in my studio. This will help you to get an appreciation for size and style, and make it easier for you to choose the perfect finish for your photographs that will complement your home or office decor. It's a good idea to measure the space where you intend to display your photos before you come along so that you know what options are available to you. 

Placing Orders

If you know exactly what you're after, you may place orders over the telephone or by emailing me, otherwise you are welcome to pop into my office at 73 Bushyhill Street, Tapanui where I can assist you. Please phone first to let me know you're coming. 

Payment Types

I accept payment via bank transfer, cash, credit card (add 2.9% surcharge) and Paypal ( and will provide you with a tax invoice for your records.  

General Printing & Framing

So, you have a digital image which you own (and I didn't take) and you love my products so much that you would like me to have it printed and turned into wall art or photo products for you, will I do that? Yes, but only if you are wanting framing, canvas, mega mats, photo albums or photo boxes. I will not process photo prints alone.   


All prices are subject to change at any time without warning. All attempts will be made to ensure accuracy, however, because third party suppliers are producing the items, I am at the hands of their price structures. If there are any discrepancies in price, you will be notified prior to placing orders.

Digital Photos on USB Drive

20 edited photos …..$400

70 edited photos …..$550

Matted Prints

6x8” print with 8x10” mat …..$45

7x10.5” print with 11x14” mat …..$55


Framed Photographs

Custom made frames are available in: black, white, silver, gold, warm metallic, oak wood grain, dark grey woodgrain (pictured in slideshow above), with or without matting, and come with acid-free backing and matting.

8x10”           No mat $115, with mat $125, with floating torn edge $160

8x12” (A4)    No mat $120, with mat $130, with floating torn edge $165

12x16” (A3)  No mat $175, with mat $195, with floating torn edge $245

16x23” (A2)  No mat $255, with mat $290, with floating torn edge $410

24x36”         No mat $515, with mat $570, with floating torn edge $770


Canvas Prints

There are two qualities of canvas print to choose from: Standard or Fine Art, with the option of white, black, neutral and mirrored edging, photo permitting. Fine Art is made from 100% cotton canvas using a fine art inkjet printer, museum grade lacquer with lustre finish that protects against moisture, abrasion and UV damage. Standard has a cotton-polyester blend canvas, long-life latex inkjet printer and museum grade lacquer with lustre finish that protects against moisture, abrasion and UV damage.

8x10”                  Standard $140   Fine Art $195

8x12” (A4)           Standard $150   Fine Art $205

11x14”                Standard $175   Fine Art $250

12x18”                Standard $245   Fine Art $350

20x30”                Standard $330   Fine Art $495

40x30”                Standard $440   Fine Art $720


Reveal Box - with matted prints

Reveal boxes by GraphiStudio, Italy, are the ultimate choice for photo display because they allow you to change the cover image as often as you like. Reveal boxes are made in Italy from the finest materials and come in two sizes 8x10" or 11x14" and can hold 10 mats or 20matted prints. Choose from a cloud leatherette, eco leather deluxe (black or white only), leather or distressed leather finish in a variety of colours. The lid is made from transparent plexiglass window enclosed in a rigid frame covered in the leather of your choice. The closure is secured by 4 sets of magnets. Easily remove your matted photos from the box using a sateen ribbon.

Cloud Leatherette

with 10matted prints  8x10”… $618          11x14”… $800

with 20matted prints  8x10”… $808          11x14”… $1,442

Eco Leather Deluxe (Black or white leather only)

with 10matted prints  8x10”… $706          11x14”… $886

with 20matted prints  8x10”… $926          11x14”… $1,528


with 10matted prints  8x10”… $842          11x14”… $1,024

with 20matted prints  8x10”… $1,062       11x14”… $1,666

Distressed Leather

with 10matted prints  8x10”… $912          11x14”… $1094

with 20matted prints  8x10”… $1,132       11x14”… $1736


Studio Box - with matted prints & digital images

Studio Boxes by Queensberry are available in Linen, Buckram and Micro Leather materials. All can be personalised with a ribbon closure. Studio Boxes are available in 10 or 20 matted print depths with USB flashdrive insert. When you order a Studio Box from Natwick, you will also receive the matching digital photos on a USB drive.

10 x 8x10” mats with prints & matching digital photos …..$700

20 x 8x10” mats with prints & matching digital photos …..$925

10 x 11x 14” mats with prints & matching digital photos …..$875

20 x 11x14” mats with prints & matching digital photos ….. $1,170

  • Studio box depth will vary depending on number of matted prints ordered


Flush-mount Albums

All flush-mount albums come standard with 10 (double sided) pages, medium fine art paper (creased), embossing, bag and box. They are the perfect choice for a wedding album or to commemorate a special occasion. Additional pages can be added, please ask for a quote.

Genuine Leather Covers – Choose from a variety of colours, stressed or plain leathers.

12x12”                 $890

15x12”                 $1,200

Faux Leather / Buckram / Linen Covers – Choose from a variety of colours.

12x12”                 $800

15x12”                 $950

Copy Albums – Smaller in size, copy albums include the same photographs as your primary album although layout will differ as page sizes will be different. They make great gifts.

5” copy album $250       

7” copy album $350      

10” copy album $450

Portrait Albums

Choose from a personalised printed canvas cover or a buckram or linen cover. These albums are a nice keepsake for family, newborn, portrait, engagement and boudoir sessions. Prices are based on 10 (double sided) pages.

Personalised Printed Canvas Cover

8x8”       $570

12x8”    $675

Buckram or Linen Cover

8x8”       $515

12x8”    $640