Zoe's On Fire!

When Zoe Wallace, grows up, she would like to be a firefighter like her mum, Donna, who is a member of the Tapanui Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Zoe Wallace - Creative Child Portraits by Natwick
Zoe Wallace as a firefighter

Having worked in emergency services, this suggestion struck a chord with me and is no wonder Zoe is one of the winners of my free Creative Child Portrait giveaways.

Having access to all the clothing and equipment (special thanks to Donna) really adds credibility to the photos. When it comes to props, the more you have and the more you put into the poses, the more we get out of these type of choreographed shoots.

With the help of Photoshop, I was able to create a variety of photos that show Zoe in the role she aspires to work in when she grows up. I know locally here our firefighters attend more car accidents and burn offs than the crazy backdrops I've chosen, but an Armageddon New York City, burning forest, choppers doing water drops and radioing for help in front of an exploding tunnel seemed more in keeping with the fantasy theme of the project.

I think Zoe nailed her shoot because I struggled big time trying to select just twenty photos for this blog.

If you love the pics, please share this post and comment below. I am now taking bookings for portrait sittings for 2019.


Photography - Natwick

Lighting Assistant - Graeme Kennedy

Styling - Donna Wallace


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