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Welcome to the new Natwick Blog.

Once upon a time I maintained a travel blog, however, I found to do it well I had to write while travelling, while everything was fresh in mind.

BUT who wants to be glued to their laptop while away travelling the world? Not me. I do enough of that designing websites back in the confines of my home office.

I am still passionate about travel, however, anyone who knows me, knows I am even more passionate about taking photos and design. These are my strengths and so that is what I intend to concentrate on here.

You will still get to learn where I’ve been and what I’ve seen, however I will be sharing in the form of photo essays and the words will be photography and design centric.

In other news - soon I will be reopening a renovated Natwick Photo Studio at my home in Tapanui. Stay tuned for blog posts of the creations that emerge from this fabulous space.

For those budding photographers out there keen to develop their skills, I will be offering courses in travel photography, portraiture, lighting, studio lighting and more.

With the launch of this new blog, you can sign up to become a member. The benefit of which, you can comment, ask questions, initiate discussions with other members and receive blog notifications. The plan is to foster a creative community where everyone can feel comfortable to share ideas and be inspired.

When my courses start, I'll be sharing my students work (with photo credits of course!) as well as my own.

Thanks for reading and even more so for following. It’s always nice to know people are actually getting to see and enjoy my work. The future is going to be dynamic, fun and artful.


Natwick. Photo: Peter Stevens

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