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Stay At The Old Beaumont School

For those from Beaumont, Otago, you will enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with this series of photos showing how the old school appears today, in 2018.

Cycling enthusiasts keen to attempt the Clutha Gold Trail cycle way, this may interest you as well because the Old Beaumont School has been converted into the ideal pad for groups of people. That's right, the yellow Beaumont School is a bed and breakfast. That is if you consider bringing your own food and cooking your own breakfast 'breakfast'. You do get access to a full kitchen. While it is a large property with multiple bed configurations, it can be rented by couples as well.

I was invited to photograph the property for the owner to improve listing performance on online platforms such as Airbnb and Book a Bach, [insert all of the other platforms here, there are too many to name].

Now, without further ado, let's go for a walk through!

I am told the outdoor 'Beaumont Bath' is popular with guests.

And this is the local fishing spot!

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If you would like to see even more photos of the Beaumont School, or would like to make a booking, click here.


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