Ruby Has Ninja Warrior In Her Sights

Ruby Morris, 8, is a gymnast, training out of Gore. The same gymnasium where her idol, India Henry of Australian Ninja Warrior fame, trained and went on to represent New Zealand in gymnastics.

Like an atom ant, Ruby is incredibly strong for her sheer size, and equally disciplined. Her athleticism and stamina were tested with all of the jumps I put her through during our latest shoot, yet she took all of my requests in her stride and laughed hard along the way.

At one stage, I introduced weight plates and dumbbells and had to ask of her, “Can you pull any serious faces, make it look like your straining just a little bit?” Her answer, “No, I don’t do serious,” bearing a Cheshire cat grin. Her arms extended holding the weight plate out from her body, she resembled a smiling assassin. We managed to capture a few semi-serious expressions but only after much coaxing. Her bubbly personality infectious, beyond containment.

For our final shots, we coated Ruby in flour and had her jump through the air against a dark background. We’re yet to master the hair flick, falling flour and strong look down the barrel of the camera lens all at the same time but for a first attempt at this technique – for us both – we did OK.


Photography – Natwick

Lighting Assist – Peter Stevens

Styling – Joanne Morris & Natwick



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