Olympic Dreams

Lucas Miller, 6 almost 7 (that's important), dreams of competing at the Olympics in wrestling when he grows up. Understandably, he chose this theme for his Creative Portrait session.

Lucas Miller by Natwick
Lucas Miller - Southern Spartan Wrestling Club

Lucas' father, Aron Miller, is a wrestler and together they have trained and competed at the Southern Spartans Wrestling Club, Gore. He owns the uniform and has all the moves. For the shoot we combined some of his very own medals along with trophies won by dad... the size of which is a bit of a giveaway, they're almost as tall as Lucas!

One of the main reasons I love working with children is that they have no inhibitions in front of the camera. No self-criticism. They aren't worried about how they look, or are received. Expressions are laid on thick and are often priceless. Their confidence goes through the roof with some positive reinforcement. Something we tend to question as adults because it conflicts with how we see ourselves.

Lucas has a boyish charm reflective of his years, combined with Hollywood icon good looks so his photos are strong and full of character. At the time of this shoot, the Toothfairy had robbed him of half his front teeth, adding to his image of being one tough competitor - he looks like he's gone a few rounds with an Olympic champ already.

Toward the end of our session, Lucas was joined by his younger brother, Zac, who was more than happy to role play the fallen warrior, sprawled out on the mat beneath a victorious opponent. I think together we created some fun memories here. You be the judge.


Photography - Natwick

Lighting Assist - Peter Stevens

Styling - Lisa & Aron Miller


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