Novak - The Racing Car Driver

Novak Reihana, 5, of Tapanui, aspires to be a racing car driver or a policeman when he grows up. Both occupations will offer him plenty of opportunities to drive fast!

Trying to source a race car for this shoot proved difficult but Pete, who has been assisting me with my lighting on loads of shoots ever since Humans Of Tapanui, generously brought along his sporty red MG as a prop.

Novak Reihana as an MG racer, Heriot. Loving the attitude in this shot, move over Tom Cruise, Novak has the need for speed! Photo: Natwick

We headed up toward Switzers Road for views of the Blue Mountains where we could avoid traffic. Novak threw on his racing gear and these are the shots we got. (See below).

Afterwards, Novak got to go for a ride back to Heriot Edievale before heading home. He was beaming from ear to ear.

Credits: Photography - Natwick Lighting Assist - Peter Stevens Styling - Phillippa Jane Hanna


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