Small Contribution to New West Otago Lookout

Natwick with the new sign erected at the West Otago Lookout.

Today, I returned to the new West Otago Lookout which is located off to the right of the Whisky Gully Loop Track. The track is a Colin Read concept and for decades he persisted tirelessly to second helpers to finally make his vision a reality in 2018. So, if you weren’t aware until now that Tapanui has a 300m, well maintained short walk which provides spectacular views across West Otago, you really ought to go and check it out.

Colin Read standing proudly at the top of the track.

Late last year I was asked to contribute to the new West Otago Lookout track by taking photos from the lookout facing west so that an information board could be created identifying all of the peaks that can be seen in the distance from the lookout.

One of the discarded photos captured during the process. Discarded because the sky was too gloomy.

It took several visits to achieve a clear sunny sky, minimal shadows in the foreground, no heat haze or smog but I’m pleased to say that eventually the conditions were spot on and we got the imagery that was needed. I’m not sure of the company who designed and made the sign but I think they’re based in Roxburgh.

Seeing the finished product erected up there, being appreciated by a visitor to the area, even on a gloomy day was awesome.

Thank you TWO Promotions for the photo credit on the sign too, I didn’t expect that - it was just nice to be able to support this community initiative in some small way.

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