Murray Family Portraits ~ Evans Flat

For the Murray family portrait sitting it was a case of two times the charm.

It pains me to say, on our first attempt, little Bella was unwell and both kids were being typical kids, mischievous and disinterested in following their delightful photographer’s direction. It happens. And, more often than you would think.

I felt incredibly sorry for Carla and Paul because they tried everything in the book to have their beautiful little girls cooperate with my lens, as did I, but no amount of bribery or softly delivered request amounted in anything satisfying to my artful eye.

I’m so grateful that they gave me another shot because I don’t like to admit defeat. Besides, I think I was even more disappointed than they were at not being able to deliver the goods on the first occasion.

I’ve learnt over the years that if children aren’t in the mood, there is very little we mere adults can do to persuade them otherwise, you’re better off to regroup and hope for a better run on the next occasion.

This time, I brought my trusty assistant Peter and we scheduled the session for the late afternoon at golden hour. We struck it lucky with the weather and the autumnal colours around the family property provided a vibrant backdrop of golden hues. (This is why my photos are warmer in colourings than usual but I love the almost vintage tones it creates).

Formal, posed portraits still proved a challenge. I think it was payback for the way I behaved as a child. I wasn’t fond of my family photographer either. If I wasn’t crying, I was looking away or doing silly things like putting my finger in my ear, or both. My mum must have been so proud!! I still have the photos and they are the best of me at that age so they remain an important keepsake in the life of Natwick, even if I’m rosy-cheeked and red-eyed with fingers in orifices.

Exercising perseverance and patience, we wore them down, or perhaps it was a case of the children warmed to me. Carla and Paul are both fit, strong young parents and they were physically able to throw the girls up in the air and catch them, sparking giggles and radiant smiles.

We fetched the girl’s bikes and trikes, and allowed them to keep moving riding up and down the quiet country lane. I shot candidly and on rapid fire. As the girls buzzed past me, I even managed to squeeze in a couple of high fives.

It was not your orthodox family portrait sitting but, in the end, it was one of the most fun family shoots that I’ve had and I think we captured some beautiful memories of the Murrays in this moment of their lives. You be the judge.

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