Maddison the Country Girl

Maddison Henderson, 6, is from Invercargill and considers herself a country girl at heart.

For her portrait shoot last Sunday, we set out to take some photos that capture her with a country essence.

Maddison Henderson by Natwick

I was keen to find some different backdrops to the typical country shots I normally take against corrugated iron or sitting on hay bales. Instead, we found an old wagon wheel, wooden gate, old barns and beautiful trees and switched between them.

Maddison changed up her outfit from long dress and boots, to shorts and tee shirt wearing twin holsters and waving six shooters, under the shade of huge purple cowgirl hat. All of these photos were taken using natural light and reflector.

I'm not sure if Maddison looks more cowgirl, country girl or young model, not that it matters because she nailed all of them.


Photography - Natwick

Lighting Assist - Peter Stevens

Styling - Tarryn Henderson

Props - Sheryl Kennedy

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