Look Out Einstein

Hamish Inglis, 8, of Cromwell, New Zealand is passionate about all things geology and science.

When his mum, Claire Inglis, heard about my Creative Portrait Sessions she knew he’d love transforming into a mad scientist and was quick to volunteer him as a model for me.

After raiding their local science lab and borrowing a tub full of equipment, we had everything we needed to choreograph a backyard lab. Add to the Bunsen burners and test tubes a bit of smoke, coloured gels and face paint and voila - an amazing set.

After the shoot, Hamish told his mum and my lighting assistant Pete, ‘This is one of the best days of my life’.

Hamish, hearing how much fun you had in the studio has made my year buddy!! I hope you love your photos as much as you enjoyed your day and as much as I enjoyed taking them. You rock! (Pun intended)

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