Let's Rock! Introducing Nate Savigny on Bass

When I put out the call for young models aged 5-10 years, Kirstie Savigny was one of the first people to respond, volunteering her son, Nate,10.

Nate dreams of being either a programmer or a rock star and is having regular lessons to master bass guitar. Rock star sounded far more glamorous of our two options so that's what we ran with.

Nate took to Natwick Studios, guitar in hand with his gig face on to see how it fits.

For inspiration I looked at copious CD covers, concert magazines, books, Rollingstone Magazine, etc... to get a feel of what a muso's photo shoot might look like. A combination of colour, black and white, bright and clean, heavy grain, grunge, dark and moody, vintage. I discovered that when it comes to music, anything goes. Woohoo!!

I took far too many pictures to share them all but here's a selection of my faves - I hope you love them. Do you think Nate looks the part? Does Tapanui have a rock star on the rise? You decide and comment below.

If you'd like to book a creative portrait shoot with me, sittings are only $150. Digital photos and wall art available for purchase.

If you know of someone else who would love this, please share this post with them. Creatives shoots are not limited to children!!


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