Introducing Prospec Structures - Our latest Website, Logo, Social Media Designs

The brief for Prospec Structures included designing a logo, website, marketing materials and social media presentation all styled consistently to help build brand awareness online throughout New Zealand. Company director, Nathan Stewart of Southland, knew he wanted an online appearance based on clean lines, simplicity, bold imagery and vibrant colours to reflect the vibe of the company and the products they produce. It has to be a good experience for the visiting potential customer, with enough information so they can understand what is on offer and have confidence in the service and quality to be delivered. You can view ProSpec Structures on Facebook here or their website here.

Meanwhile, here's some photos of the finished products.


Social Media Styling

We make sure the logo fits properly within the profile circle and for the cover image we created a slideshow to match the website. The learn more button takes visitors directly to the website where they can quickly find contact information and learn more about the products available and how to take the next steps to get their construction underway.


Like what you see?

If you are thinking about getting a website and would like to discuss options and costs, give us a call or drop us a line. We offer a free 1hour consultation after which we will prepare an estimate based on what we anticipate it will cost. You decide from there if you would like to go ahead without any pressure from us. Estimates are valid for 1month. The reason we say estimate instead of quote is because often clients changed their mind about what they need or would like throughout the building process and this can impact the cost which is based on how much time it takes to design and custom build a website to your specifications. We keep you apprised of the labour involved along the way so there is no hidden surprises and you can make informed decisions in line with your budget.