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Harrisons Supplies Turn 50

Fifty years in small business is one helluva feat to accomplish and, when you meet the team at Harrisons Supplies, Gore, you quickly discover why they’ve had success and see how they have managed to survive the test of time.

Owner, Kevin Ryan and his sidekick, Sales Manager Johnny Dennis, have handpicked an enthusiastic team who are all passionate about customer service and the products they sell.

I was introduced to Harrisons Supplies through former Gore business, Sign It Signs, late last year when they were just beginning to plan for their 50year celebration. I am grateful to have been invited to collaborate with them to capture some strong imagery to commemorate this special milestone.

On this project, I photographed their sign-wrapped vehicles, shop signage, floor layout and their team.

The images have been used to tell their story in a 4-page spread in The Ensign this week, on their Facebook page and on their soon-to-be-released restyled website. The new website is being built by my friend and peer, John Rountree at Grassroots IT, Gore.

Here are some more of my favourites:

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