Harrex Group, Gore - Team Photos

Harrex Group, Gore, have had some wonderful team photos taken over the years so I was chuffed to be invited to take this year’s corporate group portrait.

After inspecting their trendy office and past photos, I suggested we find a point of difference. Lucky for me, they were quick to agree.

In keeping with the latest trends, the plan was to take a photo that was genuine and raw.

To do that, I photographed the team in their natural work environment – their office, and to have their individual personalities shine through, I positioned them within the space but allowed them to adopt their own pose.

I love seeing jackets hanging off the back of chairs, coffee cups in hands, papers scattered on desks, folders and files on show. This image is perfect for its imperfections and it's these details that make it raw and genuine. It's as though their morning meeting had just finished and it's that very moment before everyone steps out and returns to their workstations.

This image now graces their website’s ‘Contact’ page.

To create this image I used a three-light set up comprising of two studio flash heads and a speedlight.

The two flash heads were bounced off the ceiling to balance light in the room, while the speed light was used as a fill to minimise shadow cast from the light falling from the roof. This setup allows for some shadow to remain on people’s faces which creates an element of depth.

Below are a few others captured at the same time.

I adore black and white photography, do you? (Please comment below.)

If you’re in need of group photos of any nature, please get in touch, I’d love to work with you to create something unique and special.

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