Could Jaylen-Blaze be Southland’s Next Top Model?

Meet Jaylen-Blaze Daane, 9, the latest winner of my creative child portrait shoot giveaways. Jaylen-Blaze (love that name!!) lives in Invercargill and travelled all the way up to Tapanui with his mum, Toni, to have his portraits taken at Natwick Studios.

Toni mentioned to me that Jaylen-Blaze loves dressing up as super heroes, the Winter Soldier and Wonder Woman, and with those long locks, he could definitely do both characters justice. She also revealed that he loves dressing up handsome in his collared shirt, tie and gentleman’s cap too, so I chose to photograph him as a dapper young model.

After all the grungy outfits, smoke machines and coloured gels in the last couple of shoots, it made for a nice change. Plus, this theme gave me a chance to take our shoot outside into the gardens and to use the landscape here.

I hope you are enjoying the diversity of these shoots. I love taking beautiful family portraits out in the fields at properties, in hay barns and at the local parks which are the bulk of the requests that I get... but it’s nice occasionally to break it up with something a bit quirky, fun and different. Now you know I can do that too!

Photo shoots with me can be tailored to suit whatever look you like. :-)


Photography: Natwick

Lighting Assist: Sheryl Kennedy

Styling: Toni Daane


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