Cake Eating Princesses

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing royalty, Charley and her younger sister, Stella, five and four respectively, Tapanui's very own princesses. Cake eating ones.

Stella and Charley McHutchon by Natwick

In their downtime they love getting dressed up as princesses, mermaids, anything pretty and feminine - they are your quintessential girly-girls besotted by Disney's best female leads.

These two adorable creatures lit up in front of my camera, so much so that I had to call in reinforcements to help me decide which photos to include in this blog. Thank you Sheryl!!

Scroll through the photos until the end and it will become evident how the title, Cake Eating Princesses came about. What started out pretty and clean ended deliciously filthy.


Photography - Natwick

Lighting Assist - Karen McHutchon

Hair - Monique Tamblyn


We started out all smiles, at times experienced tantrums, picked up again with sugary treats and finished rather messily, coated in remnants of chocolate cake. All in all everyone had a wickedly good time!

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