Ant Wallace Building ~ Tapanui ~ Website Development

'Building the future, restoring the past' is their slogan and this week, the emphasis can be on the former because Ant Wallace Building has just launched their new Natwick website to attract and grow future business.

Working with their existing library of images, their website was built for easy navigation, simplicity and clean lines. Their aim was to bring a new level of professionalism to the business by having a digital presence independent of social media, which is accessible from search engines without having to be logged in to a profile or app.

The simplicity of the website means it loads fast and was relatively quickly to build. From concept to reality within a week. It is informative yet concise with galleries showcasing the best of Ant Wallace Building projects so far. The best feature is that it is easy to maintain so Ant and Donna will be able to update their portfolios on the fly without the stress of navigating a complex content management system (CMS).

As part of the build process we also carried the new look and styling across to their Facebook page. Check them out at and and give them a follow.

Learn more about Natwick websites here.

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