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Hi! How exciting that you're here. I'm Natwick, a contemporary portrait photographer. I've been inspired by the portraits in fashion magazines since I was a little girl and now I create works of art just like them, for people just like YOU!



If you are hyper self-critical, think you're overweight or too old, or too lined to do a photo shoot like this, you are not! You're the exact person I want in front of my lens. I see beauty in every person that I meet and I will relish showing you just how beautiful you are. I don't believe in people being 'photogenic' but I do believe in good photographers. Most importantly, I will listen to you. If there is something in particular that you're really self-conscious about, tell me, you'll be amazed at what I can do.

When you come into Natwick Studios, be prepared to feel like a celebrity for a day. You have the option of having a makeover by a professional hair stylist and make up artist (if you have chosen that during our pre-shoot consultation). We go through your wardrobe selections and choose the best options and accessories to create the looks that you desire. 

Shoots take between two to three hours.

You will have the opportunity for outfit changes, drinks, nibbles and toilet breaks throughout the shoot. You don't have to worry about how to pose or what to do to look good - that's my job. I'll give you direction on how to stand or sit, how to pose in the most flattering ways, where to put your hands, how to avoid double chins, all while keeping it fun and relaxed.


I promise you, I am going to take the best photos you have seen of yourself in years.  


If you are just doing this by yourself, you will still have an incredible experience. It is also wonderful to share it with someone. You're welcome to bring along a friend, relative, child, baby, pet, husband, lover, or both, preferably not at the same time, yikes! If it is mainly about you, we can have your chosen person join us part way through or toward the end of the shoot. 

Contemporary portrait shoots can make for fun hens parties, birthday celebrations or Christmas gifts, pre-high school formal photos, celebrate-the-dress post wedding photos or annual portraits. What we will be creating is legacy portraits that will outlive you and I and become heirlooms appreciated for years to come. 

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