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For timeless family photos worthy of your mantelpiece, Natwick offers family portraiture on location or in the Tapanui studio. Browse her portfolio and book your session today. Gift vouchers available. 


How much will it cost for a family portrait session?

The Sitting Fee is $199 This includes the pre-shoot consultation, planning, preparation, the photo shoot and creative talent. It does not include art or files.

Booking Confirmation
When you make a booking enquiry an invoice will be sent to you for payment. Your booking will not be confirmed until receipt of payment. We also require you to sign that you agree to our standard terms & conditions.

You will have up to 7 days to make payment unless otherwise arranged, before your allocated session is made available to others.

If you cancel your booking after payment has been made and it is more than 48hours out from the shoot, 50% ($99.50) of this fee will be refunded to you. If you cancel your shoot with less than 48hours notice, you forfeit the entire booking fee. By paying the booking fee, you are agreeing to these terms. Your session fee can be transferred to another date if we have to reschedule, however it cannot be applied to another family.

What products are available for purchase?

We have a great variety of quality finished products available to you to suit almost any budget.
* Loose fine art prints which are sold individually and start at $150 for an 8x12" (A4)
* Canvases * Framed photographs
* Queensberry albums
* Reveal box collections
* Wall art packages for feature wall displays
There really is something for everyone.

Most people tend to budget between $1000 and $3000 for their final collection but there is no pressure to buy and no judgement on the amount you choose to spend. It's important to us that you enjoy the whole experience, from planning your photo shoot to choosing your finished products.

For a full price list, please email or call in to the studio.

What should we wear?

I’m so pleased that you asked. The time and effort that you put into selecting the right clothes for everyone in your family who is going to be in your photographs, the happier you will be when you see your end product. You are going to be looking at these images for many years to come and clothing can make all the difference. Think about how you can co-ordinate outfits through colour and style. You still want individual personality and taste to shine, so I don’t mean making everyone match exactly but I do encourage you to work to a similar tonal range so that you all look connected. Style is key too, you want to look like you’re all dressed for the same occasion. Smart casual is most popular but as long as you have consistency of theme, it’ll work. Soft neutral colours photograph the best. When we’re looking at your photographs, we want the focus to be on your expressions and your connectedness rather than being distracted by your clothing. Things to avoid are bold patterns, large motifs or branding otherwise it might look like your photos have been sponsored! Also, consider how each of your outfits look together as a collective. For example, mum’s cherry red and black striped top might clash with your daughter’s hot pink skirt. If you have time, lay all your outfits out on the bed or floor and see how they look. Do you like what you see? Another thing to consider is where your photographs are likely to be displayed. Will they feature on a lounge room wall? If so, take a look at your décor and perhaps draw inspiration from the colours of the room. You may have orange cushions on your sofa and so having a couple of orange accessories in your photos could make them pop and give your wall display some real WOW factor. ​If you’re still unsure about your outfit choices, wear layers and bring additional items in a bag so that we have more to work with. We are happy to help you make decisions around clothing to achieve the best results for you. Textures and accessories can be fun. ​Hair & Make Up & Grooming (There are tips for guys in this as well) I can’t emphasise enough what a difference professional hair and make-up makes to photo shoots for the women. You will look and feel amazing and it will give your confidence a boost before you step in front of the camera. It’s one of the reasons I love shooting in the studio so much, we get to control the light, shadows, there is no wind blowing your hair across your face – conditions are perfect.

We work with professional hair stylists and make up artists from the Gore region. You’re looking at $185pp for a makeover which includes both hair and make-up. Please let us know when you book if you would like this service.

Now for some tips for the guys! It’s always good to come to the shoot well groomed. That could mean clipping your beard, having a shave, checking ears and nostrils for stray hairs, maybe giving the eyebrows a once over. We care about you looking your best as well! Hands are often in shot and while they aren’t the focus, it may draw your eye if you have dirty fingernails. Before we start taking photos, it’s always good to empty your pockets. There is nothing worse than seeing phones, keys, sunglasses, etc sticking out of a pocket or the outline of them, they can create all kinds of weird body lines. Hats will shade your face and cast shadows so unless it’s a prop adding to the theme, it’s best to take them off and avoid hat hair. Sunglasses hide your eyes and cast reflections, often of the photographer – you don’t want me photobombing your family portraits. Check your wrists for hair ties! Props Props can be great for photos. If we’re shooting on location and there is a an old truck in your paddock, a fence that you love, a hay bale, a gorgeous country themed rug or something that you would like to incorporate just let us know.

Can we bring our dog to the shoot?

Yes, absolutely - we love working with animals.
If you’re bringing a pet to your shoot, it’s good to think about their appearance too. A nice clean coat, perhaps a collar to match your outfits or no collar at all.

If your pooch is not going to feature in all of the photos and is at risk running around without supervision, let us know and we can bring a corkscrew lead that creates an anchor in the grass and secures them to an area. That way you can relax without distraction so that we can get the photos you're wanting more easily, knowing that your pet is safe.

It might also pay to bring a water bowl for them, especially on a hot day.

The Viewing/Purchase Session

After your photo shoot, I choose approximately 30 of your most stunning shots, give them my signature retouch and about 7 to 10 days later arrange for you to come in for a private viewing and selection/purchase session. Some clients spend $300 and some spend $6000. There is no hard sell. What you buy is entirely up to you. If you don't like your photos, there is no obligation to buy but that hasn't happened yet! Rather most people come in with a smaller package in mind and buy more because they fall in love with their photos.

An tax invoice will be generated at this session for any products that you choose to purchase and must be paid for in full before any of your products will be ordered. You have the option of paying online using a credit card or via bank transfer. We also accept cash. We have wifi available in the studio if you need to access your online banking.

All products are inclusive of gst.

How long does it take to get our finished products?

Depending on what you order, it can take between 2 to 6 weeks for your products to be ready. Some products are imported from Italy which takes the most amount of time. Typically goods are available within 21 days but we say up to 6 weeks to avoid any disappointment.

Can I buy digital images?

All finished products that you buy, whether it is wall art, folio boxes, loose prints or albums come with the respective digital file. Digital files are of high resolution and edited to print quality.

You can purchase digital images individually, they are $155 per photo. We also offer bundles of digital photos and one piece of wall art. These bundles provide superb value for money.
If you choose to have your digital images printed elsewhere, we take no responsibility for the end product because there are so many factors that can impact the printing of images. The only products we guarantee for colour and quality are those purchased through our studio.

Can I come back and buy more, later?

Natwick Studios will retain all images for at least 6months after your shoot. However, there can occasionally be failures with technology whereby information can be lost and not recoverable. It is highly recommended that you purchase all of the images that you wish to own from our shoot as soon after your photo shoot as you can afford. And, when you get them home, we recommend backing them up in a safe place in case you lose your USB that we give to you.

What happens in bad weather? Can we reschedule?

If you have booked a photo shoot at an outdoor location which is reliant upon good weather and we need to reschedule due to rain, we simply choose another date when we are all available.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers of $100, $250 and $500 are available and can be used for sitting fees or toward finished products.

If you are considering buying someone you love a gift voucher, to give you an idea of what a photo shoot costs and the value of our product range, here are some prices:

Sitting fee is $199
Hair and make up $185per person Digital images are $115 each if bought individually Digital bundles of 5, 10 and 20 images combined with a piece of wall art start at $550
Framed prints start at $275 for an 8x12" (A4) photograph, the frame is larger
Folio boxes with matted print collections start from $1,490