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Doggy Pawtraits

As fellow pet-parents, we totally understand your desire for beautiful photos of your furbaby. Our home, office and phones are plastered with pics of our boys too.

We're already excited about hanging out with you and becoming your dog's newest bestie, crafting fun relaxed dog portraits, and pack photos (dogs with the humans who love them) that you'll treasure forever.

Bodhi & Mo_Natwick Dog Portraits-08768.jpg
Bodhi & Mo_Natwick Dog Portraits-08555.jpg

All of our pet portrait shoots are tailored to suit you and your furbaby, we even discuss colours and mood with you because some people want photographs for a particular wall in their home and we’re happy to choreograph the photo to match your décor. Designer dogs are us!

Choose from...
- a studio shoot at our photography studio in Tapanui; or
- opt go wild in the great outdoors, you name the place; or
- if your furbaby is most relaxed at home, let’s go for a lifestyle session there with snuggles in your favourite spot. 

Book a pet photography session with us and let’s get planning to make it your dream shoot. We’re going to capture their personality, their cheekiness and their quirks that you adore so much!