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Boring stuff...

(disclaimer policy)


Thank you for following my blog, and taking an interest in my website. There are things I’m required to tell you, which is part of being an independent ethical travel-blogger.


My blog helps me fund my travel. I do accept sponsorship, cash, paid insertions and other forms of reparation for some trips.


However, everything I write is about the appreciative traveller, not the exploitation-tourist. As such, I’ll only work with businesses and products I believe in.


There’s an expectation I tell you each time I receive a benefit. However, writing disclaimers on every blog post would be distracting and boring – for both of us! So please assume all recommendations on this website may be sponsored.


Even though I might receive compensation to review or endorse services, goods or companies, everything published is my honest opinion. I’m not told what to write.


In order to maintain the integrity of my brand, I won’t partner with businesses I haven’t had positive experiences with, or don’t like and trust.


Any recommendation I give will be with the intention to enhance your travel-experience. I take the Blog With Integrity Pledge.


Dare to live your dream!



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